This is my family on our summer camping trip to Jim Thorpe.Dalton is now in 2nd grade (Mrs. Bauman), Sawyer is 5,and Miss Madyn Grace is 2 years old.

jim thorpe.png

I have been teaching for 12 years. I taught my first year in 6th grade, and then eight years in 3rd grade at Brownstown Elementary. Last year was my second year sharing this classroom with Mrs. Swanson and I am excited to share the class this year with Ms. Small. Fifth graders are THE BEST, and I am very happy to be at Smoketown Elementary School.
Pictures from 2012:


I enjoy running,and this summer Mr. High and I didThe Warrior Dash -these pictures are before and after!

I have three children, who will all attend Smoketown Elementary School:


Meet Dalton!He is in 1st grade.This was the 100th dayof Kindergarten and his baseball picture.


This is Sawyer!He has a "duckie"that he takes with himeverywhere he goes.And he makes really,really funny faces.


And we have Madyn!She will be 2on January 7th.She always picksDaddy over Mommy.

These are pictures of my favorite people in the whole world . . . my family! (2011)


Sawyer, ME, Mr. High, Dalton and Madyn is the baby up front.


This summer we went to Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekend.